Revising Stress

Exams are a truly appalling fact of life, and for anyone currently revising for GCSE's, A-Levels, degrees or similar, you'll know that sometimes the work mounts up and stress is inevitable. There are a few simple things that might be helpful in reducing the stress (unfortunately it probably won't go away completely until they're over):

1) Take decent breaks. Instead of spending your break sitting in front of the computer, try walking around, do a few exercises, make a cup of tea, or sit outside - it'll help your mind rest and rejuvenate.  

Candlelit bubble bath...i love!

2) Relax your way. Decide to take an evening off for a hot bath with candles, oils and soft music, or use the afternoon to go for a countryside cycle. Even if you find yourself thinking about exams, spending time away from the books and thinking through things in a relaxed environment will help you to feel balanced during the exam. 

DIY "to do list" Notepad

3) Plan Ahead. Make a realistic schedule at the beginning of the week and try to stick with it, remembering to factor in time for other activities such as seeing friends or going to the gym. 

4) Ask for help. There is absolutely nothing stupid in asking for help, it's always the clever thing to do and much better than struggling over a problem alone. Check with your teacher, parents, siblings or friends if you have worries about something. 

5) Brain Food. Make sure you aren't eating too much or too little - it's easy to miss meals when you're concentrating, then to snack excessively. Stick to balanced meals containing nourishing veggies, grains and protein. Oily fish or seeds containing omega-3 (mackerel or flax seeds) are said to improve memory and brain performance.

6) Prepare. So your not rushed on the morning of the exam, remember to prepare your pencil-case, relevant documents etc the night before, and then stock up on a filling, hearty breakfast, like porridge with banana and peanut butter, in the morning. 

Ask The Macro Manager: How Do I Eat To Maximize Athletic Performance? - Banana Walnut Oatmeal -

Lots of luck and by working hard while you keep mentally and physically healthy, you're more than likely to do well.

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