Friday Find: Brown Rice Pasta

I'm not whole-heartedly gluten free, and have a total weakness for something like a warm sour-dough loaf, with soft cheese, ham and olives as part of an impromptu picnic. When eating out, I see no point in ruthlessly searching the menu for the only GF option. However, it does seem like a particularly good idea to replace something with a naturally gluten free alternative when possible at home. Many people are absolutely fine with eating gluten, and coeliac sufferers will have no option but to avoid every trace of the stuff. Many people are keen though to try and reduce their intake, and may notice an improvement in their skin, bloating, or energy levels. 
Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Penne 500g
Doves Farm Brown Rice Penne
I love pasta and this brown rice alternative tastes and looks almost identical, and not only is it naturally GF but also higher in fibre and nutrients. I'll have a super speedy, totally easy, nourishing and natural rice pasta with greens and mackerel recipe up soon. 

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